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TAX – don’t we just love this word !

So we are in the summer season and all is great but in the back of everyone’s mind is ‘la rentrée’. September and October are interesting months in France due the different taxes that need to be paid:  income tax, taxe d’habitation, taxe fonciere etc. 

The first one that starts popping up is the Income Tax and for those that have children, you really need the ‘Avis d’imposition’ for some of the school formalities.  So here are a few questions that come round each time with some of my customers.

When can I access my ‘Avis d’imposition’?

This depends on whether you are taxable or not.  This also depends on if you are actually getting a reimbursement from the tax office (lucky you) or not.

In general:

  1. If you are not taxable

You will be able to access your ‘Avis d’impots’ on your online account from 24th July to 7th August.  Just go to your personal space on the government website www.impots.gouv.fr

  1. If you are taxable

You will be able to access your ‘Avis d’impots’ on your online account from 31st July TO 21ST  August.  Just go to your personal space on the government website www.impots.gouv.fr

Online Declarations

If you declared your tax online, then you should receive an email telling you that your tax avis is online in your personal space.

Paper Declarations

For those that declared via paper, you will receive your avis d’imposition between 24th July and 3rd  September 2018, depending on what area you live in. If you haven’t received your paper Avis d’impots by mid-September, then check with your local tax office.

How do I correct your income tax declaration?

If you realize you have made an error on your tax declaration, not a problem, don’t panic.  If you have declared online you can go into your personal space and go into ‘Corriger ma declaration’ between 1st August and 19th December 2018 and make the changes.  Changes of situation such as marital, addresses etc cannot be changed online and you would need to make a rectification on paper with the tax office.

If you have declared on paper, then go to your local tax office and discuss directly with them the mistake and get it corrected and generally you would complete a new 2042 tax document and noting on page one that this declaration ‘Déclaration rectificative, annule et remplace precedent’.

How do I pay my tax?

From 2018, if you are liable to pay 1,000 euros or more in tax (fonciere, habitation), then you are obliged to pay by one of the following ways:

  1. Payment direct online: Quick and easy.  Just go to your online space and pay with your bank RIB.  The amount will come out 10 days later
  2. Payment at the due date : Simple request to pay at the due date ‘à lécheance’ and the money will come out 10 days after the due date.  You can modify the amount of each payment. You need to request this at the latest the 1st of the month of the due date of payment.
  3. Monthly payment: This can be requested online up to 30th June 2018.



Ensure you create your personal space on the tax website so that you can declare, modify, update and pay your different taxes (income tax, local taxes, fonciere etc).  You can even ask a question via your personal space.  This is becoming obligatory as they are phasing out paper declarations, so the sooner you get it done, the better!

If you need any help with understanding your Avis d’imposition or any other paperwork, then please don’t hesitate to contact tracy@lbsinfrance.com

Video on tax here


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