Podcast (2024) : Demystifying French Bureaucracy


Visa options for France

Since the recent rejection of the immigration bill dashed all hopes for British second home owners to avoid the 90/180 rule, just what visa solutions are available to make the most of your dream home. Tracy Leonetti is demystifying French processes for us and episode 13 is dedicated to an update on your visa options for France. Do you need a visa? If so which one?

Residency Renewals

At what time do you need to think about renewing your residency card ? What steps can you take so that the renewal goes smoothly ? Tracy Leonetti gives you snippets of invaluable advice on how to facilitate the renewal year on year based on her practical experience in this domain.

Healthcare Reimbursements

Healthcare is one of the processes that cause the most frustration and anxiety. How to access ? Delays of getting your social security number ? Never ending requests for documents... In this episode, Tracy Leonetti gives you advice on how to navigate this process as smoothly as possible !

The buying process

You've found your dream home, you've asked all the right questions, you're ready to live your best life in France, so what's next ? The buying process in France takes time. In this episode, Tracy Leonetti talks about her own personal experience while giving you a detailed, step by step, explanation of the entire process.

Live shows with Riviera Radio

From Forms to Freedom

Visa's & Immigration

In this first episode live on the Riviera Radio, Tracy Leonetti answers questions on the new immigration laws in France and how that may affect your move to France. She discusses visa options for second homeowners and touches on renewals of Brexit cards and how to prepare for them.

From Forms to Freedom

Residency Renewals

Renewing your residency permits is the key subject for discussion in this second Live. Tracy Leonetti responds to questions from Riviera Radio listeners who have real and specific residency issues.

From Forms to Freedom


Tax declaration season can be a very stressful time for many. But in this episode, Tracy Leonetti shares her top tips and her experience of this system, so that you may handle your tax declaration stress-free !

Podcast : The LBS Report (episode 1-12)

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Preparing for your move to France

What documents do you need to move to France and why? Where do you begin on figuring out if you even can move In the first LBS Report, Tracy Leonetti highlights and explains the different documents needed for the processes you may encounter for your move to France.

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Visa's for non residents

Since Brexit, it has become more and more frustrating for secondary residents wanting to spend more than 90 days in their French home. Tracy Leonetti explains the 90/180 rule and highlights solutions for spending more time in France. If you have a home in France, or you are thinking of moving to France from the United Kingdom, this could be the information you have been trying to find or understand.

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Residency cards- your options

When discussing visas, there are solutions and which solutions depend largely on your long-term objectives. Do want to be a tax resident of France? Do you just wish to have more flexibility in your movement in the EU? Do you wish to work in France, or even remotely? These are the types of questions we need to go through to find the right visa for you during our one on one consultation for your move to France.

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Healthcare in France

Accessing Healthcare

The CPAM is the healthcare affiliation organisation, and it has become very complicated since the covid restrictions moved everything online. There was no Carte Vitale, no automatic reimbursements, and no Ameli online accounts- it was all done in paperwork and it was regularly lost! (Ok, maybe that still happens sometimes) In this episode, Tracy talks you through what you will need depending on your circumstances.

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Starting a business in France

Business in France - are you asking the right questions?

When starting a business in France, most people ask many questions and speak to many people including experts- and still don't know where to start! Sometimes procrastination can be a fear of getting started. What questions should you ask yourself, and how can you move steadily toward your goals? If you believe in yourself, your clients will. Growing a business is largely about mindset, and so Tracy shares some of her suggestions based on experience along with some practical tips on how to get started.

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Finding your dream home

When moving to France, the first thing that gets you dreaming is finding that perfect home. This is the exciting aspect of moving to France. Maybe you’ve watched many of the programs on the TV, or been to online events for moving to France, you’ve gathered lots of information, joined facebook groups and it seems almost dreamlike but the reality can be actually quite a challenge. In this episode, Tracy talks you through housing in France, the do's and don'ts, who and what to look out for on your search for your dream home.

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Podcast Episode 6

Schooling in France

It’s ‘La Rentrée’ in France and like every September, it begins with the rush of parents getting their children to school. The children have had 9 weeks off, and we as parents have managed another year of planning the logistics of it all. PHEW! There is a sigh of relief and also the sense of accomplishment, alongside the wonder of how another summer has gone by so fast. Sound familiar? In this episode, for the week of return to school in France, Tracy shares her experience and tips on the education system in France.

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tax in france

Practical guidance on tax in France

A fact of life- you earn your money, you pay your tax. The team at LBS are here to help paying your taxes a little less stressful. In this episode, Tracy offers support and guidance on what the tax system is in France, and her top tips. Tax declaration has come a long way in the 30 years since Tracy arrived, she recounts how complicated paying taxes used to be. But it is all about the planning- if you need help or guidance on any of your tax payments, or setting up.

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Living your dream life in France -Making it Happen

Do you dream of living in France? In this episode, the paperwork professional, Tracy, explains what motivates her to take care of the stresses of paperwork for a full relocation to a driving license file. She feels she has a part to play in you being able to live your dream life in France. She celebrates two big anniversaries this year- 30 years in France and 10 years in business. She is celebrating making it happen for herself and alongside her brilliant team, making dreams happen for her clients too!

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Small Business Success with Serenity

The path to success in business is a long and winding road. Join Tracy Leonetti on this 6-minute podcast to look at her top tips and golden nuggets on how to live your dream life in France.

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Top tips for learning the lingo

In episode 9, Tracy takes a look at learning this wonderful French language, the mistakes made and the beginning of her relocation business. So many people are moving to France and the language is often top of the list to start with but just how to keep that enthusiasm going? Tracy shares her experiences and top tips on how you can get a learn the lingo and have some fun at the same time.

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Driving with the bumps in the Road

When moving to France, it can be challenging, to say the least but the end of the road holds a new future that is worth the effort. In this episode Tracy Leonetti discusses driving licences and the process.


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