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House hunting can be one of the most exciting things you do in your life. But it can also become overwhelming and frustrating if you are trying to do it from afar or have a list of requirements that essentially begins and ends with “I’ll know it when I see it”…

Of course, the stress doesn’t end once you’ve found your dream property – Is this property a good investment as well as my dream home?  What are diagnostics and how do I make sense of them?  How do I determine what to offer?  How long will this process take and how do I deal with all these documents?  These are just a few of the questions that affect all of us wanting to buy property abroad!  

We understand you and we are here to help. Hiring a Search or Purchase Consultant does not need to be expensive… It can be one of the best decisions that you can make in the search process.

It is our aim to help you complete the purchase of your dream property in France with confidence.

Purchasing a property in France

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Packages to suit your needs. From guidance and advice, to handling the whole process from search to purchase – we are here to help. 

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Property purchase assistance for expats France

How Does The Property Purchase Assistance Process Work?

  • You conduct your own property search and find a property you wish to purchase.  At this point, we join you to be your unbiased consultant throughout the purchase process.  We will work with you to help you decide upon an offer price, to ensure that you understand all of the diagnostic reports on the property, to walk with you through the Notarial process and help you understand the wealth of documentation that you will be given and ultimately asked to sign.  
  • We will refer you to our mortgage brokers and currency transfer firms to ensure that you are making the most of your investment.  And we will accompany you to all Notarial signings, whether virtually or in-person.  We consider our work done when you are successfully holding the keys to your new home!
  • Occasionally, we have clients hire us as Purchase Assistants and then ultimately decide that their dream property isn’t so “dreamy” afterall.  NO WORRIES!  We simply step in to help you move forward with a full search and together WE WILL find that dream property!

How Does The Professional Search Service Work?

  • The search process is all about you. We begin with a lengthy phone conversation to understand your general requirements and, more importantly, to get to know YOU.  Finding the perfect home is a very personal business, so the more we know about you, your plans for the future, your family and the way you live the better.
  • We will ask you for links to any properties, or property features, that catch your eye. If for some reason we believe that we cannot find you what you are looking for, within your budget, we will let you know.  The next step is the point at which we start our extensive search, including speaking with all the local agents, the local Notaire and others on your behalf as well as scanning local papers and the internet for private sales.
  • With your help, we narrow down the list of properties you wish to consider, then we visit each and every one of these properties for you. We will provide you with reports including photos, videos and google earth maps, as well as a full description of our visit with as much history of the property as we can get. Then we will schedule your viewings (either in person or via video call), accompanying you on all visits, translating, and offering our honest and unbiased advice. 
  • Once you have decided on the property for you, we will help you negotiate the best possible price based on local housing prices and trends, and how much room for negotiation there is within an asking price. We can ensure that a seller is not quoting one price to local buyers and another to foreigners.
  • We consider our search successfully completed when your offer is accepted and you have moved to Compromis de Vente. The complete buying process takes several months, but we are with you throughout the process to keys in hand.
Property search assistance for expats France

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It is our aim to help you complete the purchase of your dream property in France with confidence. You found your dream home, and we will help ensure that you are indeed making a good investment. We aim to make the process one of the best memories you will have as you start your new life experience here in La Belle France!

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