These are just some of the service packages LBS con provide:


Your choice of online zoom video meeting or locally direct with Tracy Leonetti to answer your questions on your French paperwork problem or processes. A must for those thinking of moving to France. LBS will save your time by explaining exactly what you need to do and where you need to go. You then go off and do the rest – it’s a simple as that!


The Paperwork COMPILATION Package

In addition to the meeting or call; we complete and process the application with you. When you receive any letters at home, we will ensure that you understand the next step. We will even write any letters for you to send to get your paperwork file completed. Strongly advised for help with tax, driving licences exchanges. We do this Hand in Hand !


The Paperwork COMPLETION Package

For those that need that extra help or for the heavier processes, we will go the office for you and with you. We will make any follow up calls and ensure your file is being processed correctly. Strongly advised for business creation, health care & carte vitale and dealing with CAF (child benefit) files. A stress free solution!


Prefecture Visit

Need some support for your visit with the Prefecture or OFII? LBS will personally come with you to the meeting and stay with you (no matter how long it takes). If there are any problems or questions, LBS will ensure that you understand before we leave.


Property Purchase Consultation in France

Relocation & Residency Consultation

Are you thinking of moving to France or have you recently arrived? Maybe you are struggling to understand the French system and how you will transition into it? This Residency & Relocation Consultation with Tracy Leonetti, ensures you gain clarity on your next steps in France and increases your understanding of the French System. From visa's, healthcare through to taxes and driving licences, no subject is left uncovered. Save your time and energy and speak with the expert in Moving, Living & business in France.


Property purchase consultation

Property Purchase Consultation

1hr 30min call or meeting with our property and relocation experts, Traci Leonetti & Jennifer Parette, to discuss and demystify the property purchasing process in France. We will answer any questions you have to improve your understanding of the Notarial procedures.


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