Relocation & Residency Consultation



Tracy Leonetti will take you step by step through the different processes that you may encounter during your transition to France, ensuring you get the answers to your questions on the key areas of interest to you.

This 1hr30 meeting will give you clarity, save you time and energy, and ensure you understand your next steps. If you then need a bit more guided help, we can provide bespoke prestige serenity package.

Understanding how the system works (immigration, healthcare, business, and taxes, etc.), what documents you will need to navigate the system, and where to start – are integral parts of this meeting.

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Are you thinking of moving to France or have you recently arrived?

Maybe you are struggling to understand the French system and how you will transition into it?

This Residency & Relocation Consultation with Tracy Leonetti, ensures you gain clarity on your next steps in France and increases your understanding of the French System.

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