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Kelly MacDonald, Antibes, Jan 2020

Tracy!!!… I love you! Thanks for your fabulous email and summary! My brain is exploding with ideas and I’m very excited about prospects for the future! I would be honoured to work with you and can’t wait for our next coaching session 😊

Ronald Langlands, Saint Agnès, May 2020

For our relocation from Monaco to France, my wife and I are glad to have used Leonetti Business Services to assist us with the various administrative procedures.  We appreciate hugely having avoided the wasted time, bureaucracy and frustration which we would otherwise have encountered. The LBS team were very professional and proactive.  They kept us informed at all stages of the process.  I have no hesitation in strongly recommending them to  anyone wishing to relocate to France.    

Melagnie MacGregor, Feb 2020

When tackling the daunting prospect of moving your life to France, I can’t recommend Tracy Leonetti highly enough. Tracy suggested a video call, which gave a huge amount of clarity around all the necessary steps that lie ahead. It would have taken me months to find out what I learned in 90 minutes. Not only that, but Tracy presented the information very clearly and logically, reminding me along the way of the order in which I will need to address each step. I feel totally reassured of what needs to be done and when, and I also know I can View Full →

Sonja Chaplain, Serenity Prestige Member, April 2020

It seems there nothing and no problem too big that LBS cant solve ! I was originally looking for someone to take the weight off all the paperwork I was trying to do for a four person (one is disabled) relocation to France, while we were busy doing a business and home renovation. It’s a lot to set up one person so truly overwhelming to try and do four! To top all of it off my daughter had a very bad accident and was in intensive care. My world ended and I thought I had been dropped on another planet with very little View Full →

Elizabeth & Dick, Antibes, Jan 2021

We have had a relationship with Tracy Leonetti and her staff at LBS for five years. LBS has aided us with our French Visa’s so that we have a Titre de Sejour each year and also with successfully obtaining our Carte Vitale. As Americans their service was extremely helpful due to the language barrier and the unpredictability of the Prefecture. They told us what to do, when to do it, what documents we needed, and accompanied us to the Prefecture each time. They are professional, prompt, and know their various areas of expertise inside and out. We highly recommend them View Full →

Philip Robinson, Beaulieu Sur Mer, Dec 2020

I would like to place on record my appreciation of all the help you have given me with my application for residency in France. From the very first telephone conversation we had, I felt confident with my decision to hand over to you the whole potentially daunting process.  This has proved to be the case throughout.  Your experience, and expertise in dealing with the gathering of information and documentation required has taken away any frustration and anxiety I might have had by embarking on the process on my own. Your knowledge of the workings of the various authorities is second View Full →

Ruth Kitchen, Serenity Entrepreneur Member, March 2021

I wanted to extend my appreciation for your help and support over the last four years. I have recommended you to many people over the years as I have found your service very reassuring and helpful. I have learned a lot and I will definitely be in touch should I need your support in the future. Thank you to the team.

Katrina Pitt, Serenity Entrepreneur Member, April 2021

Tracy and her team are great and very proactive in trying to resolve, support and help in any situation concerning, in my case, support with my auto entrepreneurial situation and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tracy for any administrative problems. Very efficient 👍

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