Celebrating 30 years in France

Beyond Business: The untold value of your personal dream team

Why team is important… As we begin this New Year 2024, many of us have reflected over 2023 and what we achieved and what we could have done better. I spend a lot of my walks in the morning mulling over the question of what’s next?  Each year the pressure of a successful businesswoman (or man) is to build on previous success or mistakes isn’t it. To look at what went great and what wasn’t so great and improve. Then in January I tip toe into the New year with my team and put my new ‘plans’ into action.  It…

Relocating to france expat

Are You Tipping Your Toe Or Diving Head First?

As we step into 2024, I hope that you are taking time to ask yourself the right questions?  Each end of year, the pressure is on each one of us to go out and plan our next year and make ‘New year’s resolutions’ from either a personal or business perspective, but do we ever really stop to ask the right questions before diving headfirst into a New Year?  Do we ever really stop to look back and see what we have already achieved before once again striving for new goals?  Achievement comes in all shapes and sizes, there is no…

Why my cleaner is an important part of my team

I Last year we invited women from around the world to try something new, we invited them to join us for our annual “Around the World in 60 Days” as women joined forces to pay forward our book in as many countries as they could, and wow they didn’t let us down. Join us ….

Brexit : rien ne va plus !

Depuis l’ouverture de la procédure de Brexit, en mars dernier, les discussions patinent à Bruxelles et un coup de blues frappe la Grande-Bretagne. La stratégie de “hard Brexit ” scandée par Theresa May depuis le référendum de 2016 a été désavouée dans les urnes lors des élections de juin dernier alors que sur le front économique et social, les inquiétudes se traduisent en chiffres. La consommation stagne, la croissance ralentit et pourrait être de 1,7 % cette année, contre 2 % en 2016. Les établissements financiers internationaux sont toujours présents dans le quartier de la City mais ils étudient des…

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