There are hundreds of thousands of British citizens living in France, many of whom are worried about their status after 1st January 2021.  There are many more thousands who want to be able to live in France before 31st December 2020 to benefit from the Withdrawal Agreement after this date. Time is running out. Here are some questions we get asked regularly that may help you.  The responses here are from government sources and Brexit websites and some based on our year so experience of dealing with immigration. Its getting late in the year, can I still move to France?…

Moving to France : How big is your dream?

They say Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, right? So showing up in Antibes – a place we had visited a handful of times – in January 2018 with our three children under 6, having sold our 4 bedroom house in the UK, and with no fixed plan except a 2 month Airbnb booking, that must really be living! Either that, or it was phenomenally gutsy but stupid.

BREXIT – Preparing your footpath for a no deal

On the final run up to Brexit date on 29th March, one cannot help but being affected by the ongoing Brexit crisis and the impact it has had and is continuing to have on everyone’s lives. Since the vote in June 2016, the negotiations have been under way but just how do you prepare for Brexit if you are living in France?

Brexit Practical Prefecture Tips

A facebook live from Tracy Leonetti dealing with the different prefectures in France. The difficulties and what to expect. Answering the 3 key questions that LBS gets asked all the time about this complex process.


Having set up many businesses for many women (and men too of course) I do find myself looking as some of the key frustrations that hold people back from stepping into their zone of genius. This is what I have found some of the questions you ask before starting out, all of them are valid fears so just how can you overcome them? Read more

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