Moving to France? Prepare your document list

How to prepare your move to France

Talking about paperwork on Riviera Radio 106.5FM, Juanita Viale from Nice Properties and Tracy Leonetti from LBS Business Services.


Listen to more details from an interview with Tracy on Riviera Radio 106.5FM.

Anyone who has relocated to another country would agree with me that the key word to remember is PLANNING. And whilst we may plan all the details of the move down to the last detail on our excel spreadsheets and note pads, the excitement of finding your dream home can sometimes be overshadowed when you are blocked in some of the French bureaucratic paperwork process because you can’t provide the document they need. 

The French paperwork processes are renowned for being complicated and our objective is to ensure a smooth transition to your new home. So do think and plan ahead, not only about the move, but about the PAPERWORK to bring with you

What are the services we offer and how do we help our customers?  It really is all about increasing the speed at which are clients integrate into the system.  In particular concerning health care, business and benefits.

The French bureaucracy is very process orientated and often they ask for the same paperwork over and over again.  Here are some of the documents you will need when Moving, Living or Working in France.

• Birth Certificates with parental affiliation for all the family
• Marriage certificate
• International Health Card for Europeans
• Private health insurance documents (if needed)
• Bank account details
• Tax returns for previous 3 years
• Bank statements (at least 6 months)
• Driving license
• Car insurance documents & bonus information
• Medical documents
• Previous years schooling information for your children
• Vaccination documents for the children
• Car registration documents
• Visa’s for non- Europeans

For more information, download Tracy’s Top Ten tips when moving to France HERE!
If you need some help with some of the processes in France, why not contact Tracy Leonetti at LBS now on + 33(0)6 59 04 01 51 to get a free assessment on your paperwork situation.

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