Driving in France – Are you driving on the wrong side of the law?

Another one of our 13 possible paperwork process is┬áCar Registration Always have the following documents with you in the car: – Driving licence – Passport or identity papers – Insurance papers – Registration documents – Fluoresent vest & triangle     Come on own up, how many of you are driving a car that isn’t registered in France? Granted it’s not the end of the world but it is illegal. What are the consequences? And just what do you need to do to register your car here? How much will it cost? Read on for some answers to some of…

Case Study- Modification of an Auto Entrepreneur Activity

If you have a small business in France, be that the simplified Micro Entreprise (ME) system or other business structure, you will know that your time and energy is not always used efficiently. One finds that you are pulled in many directions and a lot of time is wasted on paperwork and resolving red tape issues.

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