Does Tax Have To Be Taxing?

I hear the groans and the grimaces even as you start to read this. Yes, its already tax preparation time and that means its time to start planning for your declaration.

Whether you are a first-time declarer, or this is your 10th time, the onus is still on you to make your declaration.  Note that even if you are not a fiscal resident of France but you are renting out your property here or earning revenue here, you should make a tax declaration in France.


The word TAX often brings a lot of worry to people and even more so when you are moving, living or having a business in another country other than that of your country of origin. Let’s face it, no one particularly likes or wants to pay income tax but it’s a fact of life.  You earn your money; you pay your taxes. 

In France, the tax year runs from January to December of the calendar year.  So you would make your declaration by the deadline below, for the previous calendar year.

Before looking at how you can prepare, let’s put the timelines in place so that you know how much of it you have:



Depts 1 – 19

24th May

Depts 20 – 54 

31st May

Depts 55 – 976 

8th June

Avis d’impots available 

End of July

Like everything we do here at LBS, we take a step-by-step approach to paperwork and that includes taxes (of which there are many).

So just how can tax season become less taxing?

Like everything with paperwork, its about the planning, so don’t wait til the night before and start panicking, just start now.  The website for declarations opens mid-April so you have the time now to start putting your numbers together.

– Start preparing your file: take out last year’s declaration and look at any changes:
    1. Address changes
    2. Marital changes
    3. Children to add
– If you are new to tax start by setting up your online account with the tax office. This should be done now.
    1. Check out my video here on contacting your tax office for an appointment or get your fiscal number online
    2. If you are technology challenged, try and pop in anyway to your local tax office to see someone, they are usually very friendly.
– If salaried, look on December’s pay slip to see what your NET fiscal is to declare.
If a business (other than Auto Entrepreneur) speak with your accountant who will no doubt do this declaration for you or at least give you the net profit to declare on your form.
– If you are an auto entrepreneur, log onto your URSSAF space and download your attestation fiscal which tells you how much you need to declare on your tax form. This also tells you if you are BIC or BNC.

Note that after the declaration is finalised, from mid-August through til December, you can go back into your declaration and modify the majority of the information, should you realise you have made an error.



Useful links and numbers

Residents of France : number to call with general questions :  0 809 401 401  all day Monday to Friday

Non-residents of France : number to call with general questions : 01 72 95 20 42

Tax website for your declaration and for more information here

HMRC in the UK (for non-UK residents) with questions: 0044 135 535 9022

If you are completely new to France and really have no idea where to start, then reach out to the team at LBS, if we can’t help you, we may know someone who can.  Start by completing our background information sheet here

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