Tracy Leonetti

Did you ever have a dream?  I have a dream to build the worlds most resourceful network for people who want a seamless transition when starting a new life in France because I really believe that starting a new life in France is made easier when given the right resources, information and support.

If you watch my video  you will understand why I have this dream, it is something that I am passionate about because of my struggle in achieving my dream of Moving and Living in France. You will also know by now that I come from Hull in Yorkshire  and that I am married to a lovely French man and have two gorgeous children.  We live in the South of France and I feel blessed to be living the life I do.  But believe me it hasn’t always been a bed of roses!

Maybe you have already made the move?  Congratulations, welcome to this beautiful country. Having lived here for over 25 years, I can say hand on heart, I love it.   But let’s face it, moving to a new country is exciting but it can also be a very challenging dream.  France is known for its difficult bureaucracy and despite all your planning and research, knowing how to work through some of the particularly complicated paperwork processes can be frustrating. Believe it we know this and understand your frustrations.  Every person in the LBS team has been through many of the processes personally!  Our aim at LBS is to reduce your struggle and enhance your pleasure of moving to this country.

I have spent the best part of my professional life in after sales business development and organizing international events for large corporates so I am very detail orientated but my real PASSION is people.  Meeting, helping and finding solutions for people.  I have discovered how I can help YOU, those of you who are thinking of moving to France and those of you who are already here but struggling!!  This website and my services are here to serve YOU.

Do you know if you can or how to access to health care in France?  Or maybe you are thinking of setting up a small business in France and not sure where to start?  By using the services of LBS, you will gain direct access to a paper expert and a whole team of professionals whose aim to improve your knowledge of what you need to do and when.   Do you understand all the paperwork that you need to complete?  We will help improve your understanding of the processes that need to be completed and ultimately save money by avoiding fines due to lack of understanding.

I have made it my mission to provide you with the most up to date information which speeds up your integration to the French system to save you time, money and energy so you can live your dream life in France.  The team at LBS provides you with personalised help over a range of services and packages.  You can start by looking at my service packs here.  Or if you are looking for a more tailor made pack, then send us an email

See you on the other side and I look forward to helping you with your move to France.

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