Why my cleaner is an important part of my team

As we begin this New Year 2024, many of us have reflected over 2023 and what we achieved and what we could have done better. I spend a lot of my walks in the morning mulling over the question of what’s next?  Each year the pressure of a successful businesswoman (or man) is to build on previous success or mistakes isn’t it. To look at what went great and what wasn’t so great and improve. Then in January I tip toe into the New year with my team and put my new ‘plans’ into action.  It can be an exhausting cycle when coupled with taking care of your family, being their for your friends and trying to find time for yourself. As a 50 something woman I, like many, struggle with what are often called symptoms of menopause (often called brain fog) but as I delve more into this and discuss with women of ALL ages, I really think that for many women it’s a symptom of their busy, mentally charged lives. The continual multi-tasking that we are told we can do so well.  We are continually told that we can do anything we want, the world is our oyster and so on and so forth.  That’s not completely true.  No one is good at multi-tasking and I’m sorry to say, we can’t have it all, or at least not at the same time!! Sometimes we must make difficult choices of what we are able to do, what we want to do and what is the right thing to do. Over the years, the solution I have found to help me ‘have it all’ so to say is to create my team.  When talking about teams, we tend to think of our business team, our accountants, our staff but in fact it is so much more than that. or me summer has always been linked with reading, whether it was lying in the sun with my stack of books as a child being fully immersed into a world of adventure, journeys and learning or sitting by the pool with a nice glass of wine in my own secret world of the written word, its my nurture, me time and is incredibly special.

Last year we invited women from around the world to try something new, we invited them to join us for our annual “Around the World in 60 Days” as women joined forces to pay forward our book in as many countries as they could, and wow they didn’t let us down.

Last year our book was paid forward in France, Los Angeles, Barbados, Italy, India, Taiwan, Morrocco and so many more places and we want to invite you and all of your friends to join us in positively impacting on one billion lives.

How can your team help you? That team is not just your business team but it’s also those people who are around you all the time, helping you in the background, freeing up your precious time so that you can move forward.  They provide you with support and encouragement during those challenging times.  They can give you diverse opinions to help you make important decisions. You can share your achievements and celebrate them.  They can hold you accountable for your actions and deadlines and share their expertise and energy with you. You can learn from their experiences and grow together. They bring you new ideas, business and partnerships in a shared collaboration. They share the good times, the bad times and do this with no judgement. So many reasons to build your very own team for both business and personal reasons, but just who do you include as part of your team?  For my first few years of business, my team was my family and friends, over the years this has grown. Here are some snippets of my team, who are yours? My husband who continually watches out for me, takes care of all manner of things in the house that I could not put my hand to and gently reminds me relax now and again 😊 My children who give me the drive to move forward, who are the biggest motivators and for whom I want to provide a great role model for the future.  They keep me very grounded and provide me with so much joy.  My biggest achievement. My cleaner without whom I would be lost, she frees up my time to work more in an uncluttered and clean environment.  Not a luxury, a necessity for any busy woman. My friends, who are my support system, allow me to escape and have fun on my down time.  They are my listening ear and are so precious to me. My pool cleaner who allows me to just enjoy the privileged life and allows me to use some of the blocks of empty space this creates to enjoy my pool rather than just clean it. My LBS team who work relentlessly with me on helping people live their dream lives in France.  Every one of them are gems.  Their experience, their energy and we all share the same value system. My gardener who makes it possible for me to look out my office window at my amazing garden and feel such immense gratitude. In conclusion, your team plays a crucial role in your journey to living your best life, providing support, diverse perspectives, collaboration, emotional well-being, learning opportunities, accountability, celebration of achievements, resilience during challenges, networking connections, and shared experiences. When you surround yourself with a positive and supportive team, you can thrive, grow, and find fulfilment in both your personal and professional pursuits. Happy New Year 2024, may you thrive.  
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