The Pay It Forward Series – Notes to my Younger Self


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Tracy Leonetti along with 17 other women from around the globe have come together to bring you these heart-warming stories of home, wisdom and inspiration as they write notes back to their younger self. They have a huge vision to impact a billion lives.  In addition 20% of the proceeds of the book will go to our chosen charity MoveToEndDV (Move to end domestic violence).  Order here if you want a signed copy from Tracy Leonetti, if not it can ordered online at Amazon.



How do you Pay it Forward? 

1. Buy TWO BOOKS: 
Keep one for yourself, then…

2. In the second book, USE the MESSAGE BOX on PAGE 7 and WRITE your own words of hope, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration to the next woman you are going to pay it forward to 🙂 And give the book away… Yes, give the book away…

3. GIVE IT to a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger by leaving the book on a bus, a train, a park bench, or even on the table in your local cafe. – This, together with Your personal message on page 7, will be your own contribution to the mission of impacting #1billionlives – see Sammy’s pictures.

5/ There are 10 message boxes on PAGE 7 of each book, waiting for 10 women (or men) to write in there their words of wisdom they want to #PayItForward – This means that the book you purchased and gave it away, can impact 10 more people and potentially more! Just with one book! – Can you see what a powerful contribution you will be making to the lives of other people?

Note that 20% of the proceeds are going to our chose charity MoveToEndDV (Move to End Domestic Violence). Amazing! Thank you!

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