Changes in the air : Auto Entrepreneur, social charges & more

It’s ‘La Rentrée’ in France and like every September, it begins with the rush of parents getting their children to school, them getting back to work or their pre-holiday plans and of course a whole new holiday season for the elderly who want to avoid the busy season.  The temperatures drop almost overnight, the children catch their first colds before they even get to school and us Southerners who have been complaining about the heat for 3 months, start complaining about the cold – it’s the way it is!  Every year 🙂 This September is particularly marked however as many…

Avis d’imposition – Income Tax

TAX – don’t we just love this word !
So we are in the summer season and all is great but in the back of everyone’s mind is ‘la rentrée’.. September and October are interesting months in France due the different taxes that need to be paid: income tax, taxe d’habitation, taxe fonciere etc.


Having set up many businesses for many women (and men too of course) I do find myself looking as some of the key frustrations that hold people back from stepping into their zone of genius. This is what I have found some of the questions you ask before starting out, all of them are valid fears so just how can you overcome them? Read more

APE Codes, INSEE, SSI: Business Jargon in France

If things like APE codes and SSI and the INSEE are words which are confusing, or that really you’re just not quite sure what they’re about, then this is the place to be. I really want to take a little look at some of the different jargon we can get when we have a business in France.

Tax 2042 2042C Pro 2044 – it’s that time again

2042, 2042C Pro, 2044, 2047—if you’re hearing all these numbers and you’re starting to get a bit stressed, it’s normal, it’s tax time and tax time in France means lots of different numbers on lots of different forms. Read on to here Tracy’s Top tips on these important documents.

Case Study: The ‘Grey’ Areas of your Carte Grise in France

So recently whilst dealing with a ‘carte grise’ for a customer, one of the team found themselves at the Prefecture in Grasse. The cost of the carte grise was higher than expected as this was a foreign imported car and difficult to estimate using the prefecture’s online tool. Read on to learn more from this case study…

No plan…..No business

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN….. MAKE THE TIME For those of you that know me, I have been living and working in France for many years and know that I am passionate about helping people, whether that be in business or with their administrative frustrations like carte vitale’s.  Yes, I like challenges and love finding solutions.   One of my key passions is business, in all its forms ! I know that the French system is renowned for being complicated and its true, it is.  I’m right there with you and have been for 24 years.  I deal with this every day.   When…

Health Care in France & Carte Vitale

Getting your ‘green card’ in France Is it really that VITALE? One of the key questions when moving or living in France is your health care rights.  The French healthcare system is actually quite simple and it has a very good reputation however it’s true that when new to France, it can all seem a little bit too much! The main questions revolve around how to get the infamous carte vitale’? Why does it take so long? Can my family be covered? What documents do I need? It’s true that obtaining this card is the subject of many heated conversations…

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