Having set up many businesses for many women (and men too of course) I do find myself looking as some of the key frustrations that hold people back from stepping into their zone of genius. This is what I have found some of the questions you ask before starting out, all of them are valid fears so just how can you overcome them? Read more

What’s Holding you back? Take that baby step

Having served on the board of the Professional Women’s Network in 2014, I was invited to present the round table in Sophia Antipolis to give a short presentation on starting a small business in France.  This talk was not aimed necessarily at the technicalities of the setup, which is of course part of my daily work, but more about the fears that sometimes prevent us from taking that initial step into the unknown. So just what does hold many women back and just what can we do to work through them?  Oftentimes it’s just not knowing where to start and…

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