Celebrating 30 years in France

Beyond Business: The untold value of your personal dream team

Why team is important… As we begin this New Year 2024, many of us have reflected over 2023 and what we achieved and what we could have done better. I spend a lot of my walks in the morning mulling over the question of what’s next?  Each year the pressure of a successful businesswoman (or man) is to build on previous success or mistakes isn’t it. To look at what went great and what wasn’t so great and improve. Then in January I tip toe into the New year with my team and put my new ‘plans’ into action.  It…

Top Tips for Learning French blog post

Top Tips to Learn the Lingo

My dream of moving to a foreign country began at the ripe old age of 8. I spent most of my early years daydreaming of where I wanted to live, and France was often the top of my list.  As I got older my daydreaming transformed into my vision and I travelled extensively looking for my dream home.  It was not until I arrived on the cote d’Azur in 1992 that I really started to settle down.  Of course, the dream life does not happen with a click of the fingers, the following two years were filled with a multitude…


As I look at social media and see everyone ‘living their best life’ doing lots of activities, holidays and posting about living their best life and their dream lives, and I wonder what that means to different people? Social media paints a picture that is often false and puts pressure on us all to do more, do bigger, do better, do something. What if living your dream life is doing ‘nothing’? Doing ‘nothing’ is an acquired art. We need to remember how to spend time with ourselves doing nothing, especially women. It has been my motto for over 11 years now, ever since…

Brexit Language test

A facebook live from Tracy Leonetti on the practical tips on passing the language test that you will need if wishing to obtain French Citizenship. What to expect and how to prepare. Based on my experience of the test in the South of France

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