Celebrating 30 years in France

Beyond Business: The untold value of your personal dream team

Why team is important… As we begin this New Year 2024, many of us have reflected over 2023 and what we achieved and what we could have done better. I spend a lot of my walks in the morning mulling over the question of what’s next?  Each year the pressure of a successful businesswoman (or man) is to build on previous success or mistakes isn’t it. To look at what went great and what wasn’t so great and improve. Then in January I tip toe into the New year with my team and put my new ‘plans’ into action.  It…


Having set up many businesses for many women (and men too of course) I do find myself looking as some of the key frustrations that hold people back from stepping into their zone of genius. This is what I have found some of the questions you ask before starting out, all of them are valid fears so just how can you overcome them? Read more

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