The aim of LBS is to provide a smooth and efficient service to its Customers and to take any frustration out of their paperwork experiences. The terms & conditions below are to ensure that both the Company and Customer are aligned in their objectives and to allow a smooth pro

  1. Membership is available to anyone 18 years of age or older.
  1. You promise NOT to use to conduct any fraudulent or business activity or have more than one Member Account at any time.
  2. You promise NOT to use, distribute any information provided by the Serenity Club or Tracy Leonetti
  3. In order to provide the services in the Serenity Entrepreneur, Serenity Living and Prestige relocation packages, the Customer needs to provide all necessary official, legal documents and information and earnings for declarations as requested and by the deadlines provided. If the Customer cannot provide this information or documents then the Company cannot be held responsible for non-implementation or for any fines that the customer may receive. The Company will provide help and advice on how to obtain these documents where needed. The customer must scan and upload any letters to the Company Intranet site. For the Serenity Entrepreneur Pack, the Company will provide the paperwork support and answers questions but is not responsible for the decisions made by the Customer concerning his or her business. The Company will provide help & support with completion of any business documents but the responsibility for the documents is with the customer as the owner of his or her business. It is the customer’s responsibility to read and consult the information provided in the different formats (video, pdf, email).
    The Company will endeavour to keep the Customer up to date on his or her service. Some administration processes and answers to questions can be long but any updates will be notified. The Company will not be held responsible for any interruption of this service due to technical or physical problems with the Company or to delays caused by third party suppliers including strikes. Any interruption of service will be notified to the Customer within 24 hours. The Customer will also be informed when service is resumed. Should the Company be unable to deliver the entire service package for unforeseeable reasons, the Customer will be reimbursed the entire monthly price.  The Company is not responsable for the time it takes to get a Carte Vitale or a Residency card in France.  This is highly dependent on the quality of the file and the organisation that is dealing with the file. Delays due to Covid and Brexit should be expected.
  5. SERENITY CLUB INTRANET SITE As part of Serenity Entrepreneur and Serenity Living service, you will be given a login and password to your dedicated online space to upload any documents you receive. This intranet site is used to avoid using email for sensitive information. In addition, you may download all ebooks, access templates and videos that will provide you with information on processes in France.
  6. SERENITY COMMUNITY  This is a dedicated private facebook page in which Tracy Leonetti will share information, documents and files to its members.  These documents and information cannot be distributed outside of the community.  All questions can be posted here and information can be shared with your fellow Serenity members.  Members of Serenity Community level join because they are looking to get some questions answered.  Serenity Community level members have NO access via email or telephone to the LBS team, all contact will be via this community.  Usually generic questions are answered, if the questions are too complex then a meeting may be required at an additional cost.
    As part of the service delivery, the Customer may ask for recommendations of different local suppliers and specialists. The Company may endeavor to find the appropriate suppliers however cannot be held responsible for the work of third party suppliers.
    Any quotations or costs for work carried out by local suppliers are at the entire charge of the Customer. All charges or costs of third party suppliers would be paid directly by the customer.
    This membership contract is valid for one calendar year from the start date of the contract as the Company considers that most people who are moving, living or setting up a business in France would need support during this timeframe. At the end of contract date stated on the service agreement, the customer has the choice to cancel or continue with the contract or change the level of service depending on his or her needs.
    After this initial one year period, the contract can be cancelled by either party by simple request via email. The customer and the Company should provide 30 days’ notice for termination of this contract in order finalize any outstanding paperwork problems. A simple email with one month’s notice will suffice, no need to complicate life with registered letters! The contract can of course be continued after this date and can be cancelled at any time with just one months’ notice. No yearly renewal needed or imposed.
    All payments should be made each month automatically between the 1st & 5th of the month. The customer would need to set up a regular transfer for this monthly amount. The aim is to make this simple for the customer and the company. As per French litigation law, the Company reserves the right to apply a late payment fee for any invoice not paid or any direct debit not paid within 14 days of the due date or receipt of invoice. This late payment fee is 40 euros. (Indemnité forfaitaire pour frais de recouvrement en cas de retard de paiement: 40 euros) There will also be interruption of Service whilst the payments have been re-established.
    In the case of any problems, the French laws would apply for any litigation.
  • Privacy Policy

    CONFIDENTIALITY & DATA PROTECTION In compliance with the New Data Protection laws in Europe, LBS confirms that all data will never be sold or used for any other use than that for which it is collected. That is the delivery of the service contract.  The customer may, if he prefers, provide LBS will a password protected access to his confidential information that we would access when needed. The password would be treated as confidential and protected as per our data protection policy.  In order to provide the Customer with the service required, the Company may require access to certain confidential information and documentation.  These materials could include but not be limited to personal documents and information, plans, any marketing strategies & plans, financial information, banking details or projections, operations, sales estimates, business plans and performance results relating to the past, present or future business activities, third party supplier contact details.
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