Living in France?

If you’ve watched my video, you will know that you can face up to 13 different paperwork processes when living in France. Most of them are long, frustrating and can be quite intimidating especially if your language skills are not quite up to speed. 

LBS has put together 3 services levels to help you through these different processes and you can apply them to any of the processes below. We make it our business to ensure you transition to your new home is a smooth one. 

We ensure you a smooth transition!


Ensuring your electricity, water & internet contracts are set up

One of the first things to ensure when you are moving to a new home is that your utility contracts are set up correctly. Why not book a Compilation Pack! So we can ensure that this is done correctly and in time for your move. We will make all the calls and ensure you understand your contract!

  • Assess the situation & obtain information needed for contracts.
  • Advise you on documents needed for the contracts.
  • Calls with all the suppliers to transfer or set up new contracts.
  • We will wait for the technician for you if you are unable to be present(Completion pack)


Need help getting a care vitale or understanding your solutions?

The French health care system is good, but it’s not free! If you would like to get help with understanding how the health care system works in France or obtaining the carte vitale, then we can help you. you can simply book a Clarification Pack.

  • Assess your current social security situation.
  • Look at you possible rights for access to the French Health Care System.
  • Application for Carte Vitale & follow through.
  • Solution finding / private healthcare.


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Do you understand the consequences of not doing this in a timely manner?

When you bring a car into France, you have one month to register the vehicle with the appropriate prefecture. Failing to do so can result in a fine of 135 euros. LBS can help you with this. Call with you to assess the situation and explain documents needed.

  • Advise you on documents needed for the contracts.
  • Compilation of file for you, completion of all application forms.
  • Visit to the Tax office(if needed) for imported cars.
  • Visit to the Prefecture for the new registration form.
  • Follow up with you to ensure you have received your new vehicle registration form.


Do you know what your rights are to housing benefits, child care & welfare in France is? Most peoople don’t!

Most people moving to France are unaware that they have rights to claim family allowances and certain other housing & welfare rights. We will demystify the process, assist you with the paperwork (and there is a lot of it) and can support you through the process. Why not start with a Clarification Pack for an understanding of your rights and situation.

  • Assess your situation and objectives via a questionnaire.
  • Call with you to ensure complete understanding of your personal situation.
  • Completion of application forms and submission.
  • Follow up with letters & calls throughout the whole process.
  • Unlimited Q & A on your file.

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