The Entrepreneur Serenity Pack

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The Entrepreneur Serenity Pack.

LBS has years of experience helping entrepreneurs like yourself quickly navigate through the often confusing and time consuming forms and documents.

We will take care of monthly, trimestral and yearly paperwork. By joining the Entrepreneur Serenity Pack you will increase the speed that you integrate the French system and gain peace of mind.

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STEP 1 : WATCH THE VIDEO Find out key information from Tracy Leonetti. With 20 years of experience and a smile still on her face, she is determined to help others avoid the red tape traps ! She survived and now has a thriving business. You can too!

STEP 2 : BOOK YOUR FREE CALL BACK Ask your questions with no obligation to join the Serenity Club and find out how LBS can help you with your business in France.

STEP 3. GET YOUR FREE GIFT Whether you are a new, small or established business, you will find Tracy’s 100 Questions to Successful Business Planning a stimulating guide to moving your busines forward, one question at a time.

LBS Will Handle Everything For You

The frustration free solution!

  • What to pay
  • Who to pay
  • When to pay
  • We do it for you
No worries about fines!
  • RSI
  • CFE
  • Easy to use templates
Answering the Who, What & Where & How!
  • What to declare
  • When to declare
  • Which boxes to tick
  • We help you understand
We get it all done!
  • How it works
  • What documents you need
  • Who to contact
  • Easy to use guides
We provide all the information you need quickly and efficiently.
  • Changing your activity
  • Changing your status
  • Changing your address
  • Taking the next step up!
We make sure it gets done correctly with the CFE

Affordable for even the smallest

If you are just starting Start the right way!

Let us help you understand your business options BEFORE you start.

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Do you have a small business in France? Congratulations ! This is often where it starts getting complicated. Understanding the jargon: INSEE, Siret, CFE, RSI, URSAFF, Cotisations sociales ....). Let us help you.

The Entrepreneur Serenity Pack

The Entrepreneur Serenity Pack takes care of monthly, trimestral and yearly paperwork. Enjoy peace of mind!

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We have many satisfied and happy customers who have become part of our Entrepreneur community. We want to count YOU as one of our happy customers. Come join us in facilitating your business growth and we guarantee you peace of mind.

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  • We get it done on time
  • We get it done correctly
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