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Moving to France : Vision or Mission that is the question?

Now moving or living in France can be a bit of a challenge! How do I know this you might ask? Well I when I moved here over 25 years ago, it was pretty complex and quite frankly things really haven’t changed that much. France is well known for good cheese & wine but surprisingly also well known for its difficult bureaucracy. So your vision may be to live in this beautiful country but you seriously need to be on a mission to Make it Happen! Read More

BREXIT – Creating your paperwork footprints in France

On the final run up to Brexit date on 29th March, one cannot help but being affected by the ongoing Brexit crisis and the impact it has had and is continuing to have on everyone’s lives. Since the vote in June 2016, the negotiations have been under way but just how do you prepare for Brexit if you are living in France?Read More