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Moving to France : Vision or Mission that is the question?

Now moving or living in France can be a bit of a challenge! How do I know this you might ask? Well I when I moved here over 25 years ago, it was pretty complex and quite frankly things really haven’t changed that much. France is well known for good cheese & wine but surprisingly also well known for its difficult bureaucracy. So your vision may be to live in this beautiful country but you seriously need to be on a mission to Make it Happen! Read More

TAX TIME …. 2042 – 2042 C Pro – 2044 – 2047

2042, 2042C Pro, 2044, 2047—if you’re hearing all these numbers and you’re starting to get a bit stressed, it’s normal, it’s tax time and tax time in France means lots of different numbers on lots of different forms. Obviously there’s a huge amount of information, lots of documents that you can use……. but let’s demystify these a little for you so you can get along with your declaration.Read More

The journey of a book – The Pay It Forward Series

I would never have believed in a million years that I would be co-author of a book, let alone a book that would take me deep into my past to reveal a pivotal moment from my childhood. Yet it has happened and I am very proud to be part of the book. The journey wasn’t easy though …Read More

BREXIT – Creating your paperwork footprints in France

On the final run up to Brexit date on 29th March, one cannot help but being affected by the ongoing Brexit crisis and the impact it has had and is continuing to have on everyone’s lives. Since the vote in June 2016, the negotiations have been under way but just how do you prepare for Brexit if you are living in France?Read More

HEALTHCARE & SICKNESS BENEFITS : Auto Entrepreneur & Salaried

I help people deal with their health care paperwork pretty much every week. Why? Well, this is one of the processes that takes the longest and is one of the most important. Having difficulty knowing where to start? This is where we come in. As many of you may know, I’m very passionate about helping people with their seamless transition to France. Read More

Changes in the air : Auto Entrepreneur, social charges & more

It’s ‘La Rentrée’ in France and like every September, it begins with the rush of parents getting their children to school, them getting back to work or their pre-holiday plans and of course a whole new holiday season for the elderly who want to avoid the busy season.  The temperatures drop almost overnight, the children catch their first colds before they even get to school and us Southerners who have …Read More

Avis d’imposition – Income Tax

TAX – don’t we just love this word !
So we are in the summer season and all is great but in the back of everyone’s mind is ‘la rentrée’.. September and October are interesting months in France due the different taxes that need to be paid: income tax, taxe d’habitation, taxe fonciere etc. Read More

La Rentrée in France – you need to Live it !

So it’s another ‘la rentrée’ in France and having lived here for 25 years and having 2 children, I have lived the ‘rentrée’ 20 times and it never ceases to amaze me.  It’s almost like another ‘New Year’ with many people making new objectives whilst preparing for this ‘new school year’. This is also the time of year that we start receiving our tax d’habitation, tax foncière …… but more …Read More

Brexit and language and how to get through the paperwork system in France

  Tracy Leonetti of LBS Leonetti Business services is interviewed by the Riviera Firefly Podcast and chats about her career with French administration and taking the French  language test for citizenship.       Find out more www.rivierafirefly.com